Christmas WIP

In between all the crafting, I still managed to find time here and there for my cross stitching, take a look.. I can definitely see it coming together now! 😊



That crafty feeling

Instead of doing my usual cross stitch ‘every night’, when my mum came to visit, it appeared the crafty bug set upon us. We set out making several different things for me to sell at a festival I have a stall at. Take a peak..

Some nice cushion covers for my spare room..



Some pretty owl soft toys…


Some sunglasses/cigarette/phone pouches…


Canvas bags…




And considering the crafty bug was upon me, I set about revamping my set of wooden draws as they had got a little shabby! I quite like them now.. Organised!



As you can see I’ve been a busy bee! πŸ™‚

New Joan Elliot cross stitch

So for a while I’ve been hunting this cross stitch down – I’d seen images of it on google but could never find the pattern for it.. Then! I found the book it was in! Needless to say it bumped straight to the top of stitch list. Here is my first weeks progress, not going to reveal what it is until you can see it! πŸ™‚


Quality & a bit of organisation!

As promised, here is a better quality photograph of my recent foxes cross stitch – I threw in a couple of cute close-ups too! πŸ™‚


Following on from this, as I will be starting my new project imminently, i’ve seen a few posts about how people organise their threads and thought this would be the perfect time to share mine with you. I have a total of 7 thread box organisers (yes I know, way too many – although you can never have too many) – these consist of 2 DMC boxes, 2 Anchor boxes, 2 random thread boxes and 1 small thread box which I use to keep my WIP threads in. I also order them in numbers.. I’ve seen some people order them by colour but for me I feel numbers are easier when searching for specific threads for charts..



As you can see I still need to wind a couple of threads for my new cross stitch!



Race for Life

Just a quick post to say that i’m running Race for Life in Southampton, UK this year rather than the usual Manchester, UK. I race for life in memory of Harold Smith and John Noble (grandparents), I will never forget them but running race for life keeps their memory more alive. Cancer now effects every person, whether it be themselves, family or friends, we need to keep fighting. Please donate whatever you can afford, a penny or a pound, a cent or a dollar, a cent or a euro. But thank you for taking time to even read this let alone donate.
(If you do wish to donate, please click the image below, thank you).

race for life copy