Race for Life

Just a quick post to say that i’m running Race for Life in Southampton, UK this year rather than the usual Manchester, UK. I race for life in memory of Harold Smith and John Noble (grandparents), I will never forget them but running race for life keeps their memory more alive. Cancer now effects every person, whether it be themselves, family or friends, we need to keep fighting. Please donate whatever you can afford, a penny or a pound, a cent or a dollar, a cent or a euro. But thank you for taking time to even read this let alone donate.
(If you do wish to donate, please click the image below, thank you).

race for life copy



Small projects

So I’ve added the WordPress app onto my phone, this should come in handy when I want to post but can’t be bothered to get my laptop!

Just thought I’d share a couple of small projects I have completed recently in between my big project.. Christmas spirit has arrived! (This is unusual for me!) I also stitched a small card for a family friend! 🙂




A little bit of Cross Stitch

As some of you may have seen earlier in the year, I have been doing a cross stitch for a friend in my spare time. This one is very time consuming and is totally engrossing me! However I love it when I can seeing the picture coming together.


laurenxstitch2As enjoyable as cross stitching is, sometimes I need a break from a larger stitch as my focus can dissapear. When this happens I will switch to a much smaller cross stitch then go back to the bigger one with a fresh mind! Heres an example..


Moving on in life

Since my last post on my blog, a lot has been happening in these past two and a half months.

  • I completed my final Degree Show exhibition for University.
  • I obtained a 2:1 and am now a holder of a BA in Graphic Design with honours.
  • I have quickly obtained myself a Junior Graphic Designer position within an Architectural company down South.

I didn’t realise so much could happen is such a short space of time! This explains my lack in blog posts. However, I am still keen to keep my blog up and running and look closely to see what I’ve been doing in my spare time to keep my creative juices flowing!