Promotion of Identity

Continuing on with my Identity Design Project, I have produced a number of clothing pieces which would be put into production if my solution was taken forward. They can be bought in many colours, shapes and sizes.

This would help the Chester Christian Union be more recognised around campus and bring students together to join the Union.

blog1 blog2Another blog post coming very soon to show the final outcome of my project!

Promotional Book

So it seems I am reaching an end for my Identity Design Project. After a lot of hard work I have now produced a promotional book for the University of Chester’s Christian Union. This includes a bit of information about the CU, activities and much more. It took me many attempts before I finally exported it correctly and got it ready to print, some selected pictures of them can be seen below 🙂


Front cover of books


Getting you involved – Make new contacts


A bit about us – make new connections


Keep a lookout – Be a part of the conversation

I am very happy with the outcome of this Identity Project and have really enjoyed completing it. I have a few more things to post about the project so stay tuned to see what else is to come! 🙂

Website Concept

As promised, here is a quick post of the website concept for Identity of the University of Chester Christian Union.

website concept on screenAs before, this website also conforms to the 4mm grid system. I have kept my running theme to a modern feel with bright colours to keep it attractive and appealing to a wider audience. It is also a simple format and therefore easy to navigate website.


The New Year

So 2013 has arrived which means a lot of work, deadlines & commitment are in order! I feel motivated to keep my concentration and keep my head buried in my work; after all, I will be graduating this year! Scary..!

Upon returning back to Uni this coming Tuesday, I have to jump straight into handing in my Identity Design Project which counts for the whole module. However I am very happy with my outcomes for the module. Here are just a few things which i produced for the Chester Christian Union:


Logo for light backgrounds


Logo for dark backgrounds

identity posters 1

Set of posters using white logo and manipulated collage background

identity posters 2

Set of posters using coloured logo and light background


Flyers front and back

book layout jpeg

Book layout

This book layout above is a promotional book which can be found anywhere around the University of Chester main campus to get people more interested.

All designs keep to a 4mm grid system to keep them all flowing together. I am also very close to finishing the website concept for the Chester Christian Union so I will post pictures of that as soon as I can! I will also post pictures of the book as soon as I get that printed too, stay tuned for more to come! 🙂

Identity Progress

Following on my previous progress, I have come along way. From creating the collaged pieces, I transferred them into photoshop and simply had a good play with filters and effects to see what I could create. By using the multi-coloured hand collage, I managed to produce a pixel based pattern which I found very influential to my design. I kept running with this theme and managed to create a logo and some promotional material. Here are the posters which I created…

identity posters 1identity posters 2

I kept this theme running to create some flyers…

print5As shown in the previous image, all of my design work including the logo, posters and flyers have all conformed to a 4mm grid system. I feel that this keeps the design flowing better. I will keep to this grid system with any new design work which I create for this project.

I am still very excited about where this project could take me, keep tuned so see more!