Degree Show

For those of you who were following my final exhibition project.. Here’s how it turned out!





This self-written brief was one of my most favourite briefs yet. I used my love of Graphic Design, my fascination with Children’s book design and my substantial hobby interest of cross stitch embroidery all together. When you combine three of your strengths into one project, you’re bound to create a good outcome right?


Organising the Production

Whilst thinking through what I would need to embroider for my final book, I decided to get more organised in order to be able to complete these in time for my exhibition..

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 18.29.13

I’m extremely glad I decided to do this as theres a lot more than I thought there would be!

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 18.30.09Here is just a quick sample of the pages I will be producing, the vectored animals are simply in place of where the embroidered characters would be. I’m really excited to see m designs coming together! 🙂


The Final Rationale

After a lot of hard work, I finally managed to produce my client based Rationale!

SAM_1709 SAM_1712SAM_1710 SAM_1711SAM_1713 SAM_1714SAM_1715SAM_1716SAM_1717 SAM_1718 SAM_1719 SAM_1720The next step is to actually produce the final book ready for my exhibition! I’m excited to see the story produced! Stay tuned to see the development for it!

Putting my ideas in place

Now that I had my collaged scenes ready in my book. It was time to work on the characters and how they would work within the book. I originally thought that I could use velcro so that the children could stick the characters on the page where they belong. However, when I furthered my ideas, I realised I could develop this further by introducing learning features into the book too. I came up with the idea of using magnets. This would allow the child to place the character where they feel it should go; thus learning the meaning of the sentences written.

Below are the interactive stitched features for the example double-page spreads:

SAM_1715As shown above, words are also moveable so the child can learn where certain words should go within sentences. I am very pleased with the way this has turned and would love to carry on this with further books.

I now decided to work on how I would put the book together. As I wanted to create some kind of stitched cover, I would need to hand sew the book together in order to place my own cover on. Below are just some developments whilst I was securing the cover:


Front Cover


Front Cover


Front Cover


Front and Back cover sewn together

Although time consuming, I really feel that this paid off!


Design Development

Since my last post about the development for children’s book, a lot has changed! From hand-drawn characters, to vectored characters and to cross-stitched characters, the best option was finally chosen! I decided to choose the cross stitched characters which I had previously talked about:

david and michael

Cross-stitched characters

These would prove more durable as they cannot tear or break when handled. This would be especially important as the children would be handling them constantly.

Now I had decided on how I would like the characters to look, I decided it was time time to begin on a theme for the story itself. As Autistic children cannot deal with change in routine and new situations well, I picked a day out which would only be a ‘one-off’ and that the child would therefore not be used to; A Trip to the Zoo.

Whilst thinking about the style that this would be produced in, I wanted to continue a craft style which I had already begun with the hand embroidery. I decided to use some collages which I could play about and experiment with. After a lot of tests, I finally came up with a style I would like to work with:

collaged tree

Collaged Tree

I then used this to produce a double-page spread for the book:

collaged scene tree5

Landscape Double-Page Spread

I was extremely happy with the way my ideas turned out. However, due to my short time-scale, I knew I wouldn’t be able to produce the whole book to the best of my ability in time for submission so I worked on producing a of couple of double-page spreads which would be exactly how I wanted them to look.

Final Range

I’ve had a couple of busy weeks and still have a couple of ahead of me and i’ve possibly just added more work for myself. I optionally decided to join the design team for our end of year degree show. I am one of 7 members of the design team who will create/design the publicity and literature for the final show. We are working together with a team of Fine Artists and Photography students to create an exceptional end of year show. Stay tuned to see how we get on and definitely get yourselves down to the University of Chester Degree Show starting 21st June 2013 (precise dates will follow soon).

On another note, following on from the last post about the Batiste Dry Shampoo range, I have improved my designs so they all fit in with each other better. Below is the old set, followed by the new set.

tinsScreen Shot 2013-04-24 at 11.51.20

I think the improvements are obvious and the designs are now appropriate to be a part of a ‘range’ of seasons, however, opinions and feedback are always welcome.