Business Management



Working in a group of three for my Business Management module, things seem to be going well. As we have been asked to produce a Business Management Plan, it seemed difficult at first to agree on a subject which we all thought would be a fun project to work with and also which would work right through until the end. We eventually decided on a Fancy Dress based business plan. We together researched different areas of the plan whilst the other members did some mockups on visual identity.

When presented to our group, although we were nervous about the response we would get. However, although there were some slight changes we would need to put in place, overall we were very happy with the outcome as we realised that in actual fact, we could do this! If we put enough time and effort into the finance and research side of the plan, we can end up with a very secure business plan.


Idea Generation for Business Plans

screenshotFor my Design Management module, we have been asked to create a Business Plan with a set group. This Business Plan could consist of anything which we feel would be a possibility for making money in a profit margin. Above are 4 extended ideas which we generated. These consist of a Fancy Dress supplier, Craft supplier and Workshops, Healthy Eating and Fitness Club and finally Connecting designers with musicians who need their albums etc designing.