Nearly There!

This morning I put my red pen down to my essay to get correcting any grammar mistakes. I took out all my paragraph headings which I used to keep on track, fixed any broken references or image captions..

essayAnd all is left is to bind and submit it! Pretty pleased with myself considering the deadline isn’t for another week and a half! Happy days! 🙂



Eastern Advertisements Research

Whilst re-drafting my Design Discourse essay, I needed an example of an Eastern Advertisement which would show how the attitudes and values towards women differ to the Western views. Whilst researching I came across these:

Comparing these to recent other ads I have looked at which shows semi-naked females being used to advertise men’s underwear and being used to advertise food, this is significantly different. In these Chinese Ad’s, we see an elegantly dressed Chinese lady holding some moon cake.

Why can’t Western ad’s be like this?

However, I am really enjoying looking into the subject and seeing the differences in perceptions simply based on where you live in the World.

I have produced ANOTHER draft of essay in hope that I am getting near the finishing point!

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 14.27.26

Essay Progress

Considering my final essay submission is due 3 weeks today, i’m making a lot of progress on my essay. For those of you who aren’t too sure about my topic, my essay question is     “Is it necessary or appropriate to use the sexualisation of women to sell products to a male audience?”

This question has proved to be a very interesting subject which I am thoroughly enjoying. However, none of this comes without a lot of hard work…

IMAG0726Considering i’m on about my 4th or 5th draft, i’m still hard at work trying to improve the structure to get the essay to flow better!

IMAG0727Recent good results in other modules is giving me the motivation to keep at it so I can get this right. Not long left now!



How Women are Perceived in Society

As I am coming to plan my Design Discourse essay, I have been looking into many books to find information to support my findings. Although most of us already know what is written in these books, it is still shocking to see and hear. Naomi Wolf in ‘The Beauty Myth’ states “Given few role models in the world, women seek them on the screen and the glossy page”. From a feminists point of view, this is quite horrific to hear. Although most of society blatantly does desire to be like the women which are displayed in magazines and advertisements, this is only because this view is pushed upon us on a day-to-day basis. In the book Provocateur, by Anthony J Cortese, it is stated “Women are constantly held to this unrealistic standard of beauty. If they fail to attain it, they are led to feel guilty and ashamed. Culturual ideology tells women that they will not be desirable to, or loved by, men unless they are physically perfect”. I could not agree more with Cortese as we are constantly made to believe that we are all flawed, and should seek to be the ‘perfect’ woman on the page in front of us. However, there are still many of us out there who are still somewhat affected by this pressure, but will go out of our way to make sure we do not conform to this ‘idealistic woman’. This leads me to several questions; ‘should WE be the role models that there seems to be so ‘few’ of out there? Who’s to say we cannot do this? However the reality is that the media is so strong that we automatically become the suppressed minority.

Stay tuned to hear more about my feminist point of view!

If you want read more about these problems and issues discussed here;

Cortese, A. J. (2004). Provocateur: Images of women and minorities in advertising. Lanham, Oxford: Rowman and
Littlefield Publishers.

Wolf, N. (1991). The Beauty Myth. London, United Kingdom: Vintage.


Dolce and Gabbana Sex Ads.

Continuing my research into looking at advertisements aimed at men, I came across a set of Dolce and Gabbana advertisements where their running theme appears to be sex.

Dolce and Gabbana

On first instinct, I am disgusted at the implications of this advertisement. Here we see a female lay in an alluring pose with four men confidently standing over her. This shows that the men have a somewhat superior power over her and may ‘control’ her. It could also suggest very strong implications of ‘gang rape’. In personal opinion, I cannot see any need to suggest such messages when you are simply trying to sell a piece of clothing!

However, in the same range of advertisements, I also found this:

Dolce and Gabbana 2

Although still portraying the sex theme throughout this advertisement, it appears that role reversal is taking place. It shows women in a position of power! This is like ‘stepping outside of the box’ for an advertising campaign; we very rarely see it! Nevertheless, once again I am in a place of mixed opinions. Dolce and Gabbana’s reason for doing this is obviously to make themselves be seen more by using controversial views to attract attention towards their products. Despite this, I don’t feel that this is necessary at all leading me to the conclusion and distressing question; Do we need to portray sex messages in advertisements just to sell a product, whether its male or female?

Burger King Sex Ads.

I have recently come across a Burger King campaign that i am completely and utterly disgraced at;

Burger King

Once again we can see that this set of advertisements is aimed directly at men. Many of us would have the most obvious question shouting at us right now, what on earth has sex got to do with selling a burger? Repeatedly the female form is used to present sexual poses to attract a male’s attention. We don’t even have to read the teaser phrases which are printed with the pictures. However, I can’t help but be shocked that ‘It’ll blow your mind away’, ‘It just tastes better’ and ‘She’ll tell you size doesn’t matter, she’s lying‘ could even be acceptable. This is a tremendous play on words like never before.

One huge matter that I find very disturbing is that its not only adult males who will see these advertisements, young children will also see them showing that recurrently, companies only care about one thing; making money.

JBS Ads – Would you do this?

After a feedback presentation to my tutor and peers yesterday, I decided that I needed to narrow down my area of study in order to create a good argument for my extended essay. I have chosen to look at how women are used to sell mens products.

A fellow peer enlightened me to a company called JBS who are a men’s underwear brand. Below are just a couple of advertisements which they have produced :

Biker Girl 

Hi-Fi Girl 

As we can see, the way that these women are used in these advertisements are in a very sexual and provocative manner. Using semiotic values, it is obvious here that the message which is being put across by JBS is that if you wore their underwear, you would be able to attract a sexy woman like in the picture. It is also a very simple uncouth way of attracting male attention to the advertisement to therefore sell the product.

There are many designers out there who would design any type of advertising campaign so long as they make money. However, not me. I would not degrade the female body in aid of selling a product; that is where my personal morals produce the better of me.