It’s been a while..

.. Since my last post! I have produced a range of different cross stitch patterns ready for you to indulge in! 😊 I went to Amsterdam for a few days, it seemed to give the inspiration for my next couple of designs…

And there there were some cute little birthday designs to add to my store..

And finally some lovely little Spring birdies which I am excited about!

Please click here to visit my Etsy store and purchase any of these instant download charts 😊 I will soon be adding the option for the charts to be posted to you! Stay tuned.


Big Birthdays

This week i’ve added some cross stitch patterns for big birthdays! 🙂 I currently stock ages 16,18, 21, 30 40 and 80. I am currently working on 50, 60 and 70. If you would like to purchase any of these designs, please visit my Etsy shop. Happy Sunday 🙂

And some more!

I realise its only August and is still 5 months away from Christmas, but some of these cross stitches are too nice not to share with you! 🙂


Reindeer Card Toppers – Sold


Present Card Toppers – Sold


Santa Claus with Trumpet – Sold


Snowman – Sold


Christmas Fairy – Sold


Christmas Boy Fairy – Sold


Winter Wonderland – Sold

Looking back some more!

Again here are some more of my past cross stitches. These ones are Teddy Bear themed 🙂 The first 3 stitches are the first few I ever stitched, its obvious I have made a lot of improvement! For anybody starting out stitching, stitching the same way on every row makes the embroidery look so much neater! MASSIVE TIP – Never stitch close to the edge of Aida!

Teddy Bear head – Sold


Teddy Bear – Sold


Ballerina Teddy – Sold

Sailor Teddy Bear

Mummy Bear – Used Personally

Teddy Bear Quilt – Sold

Looking Back

Looking through my cross stitches – they make me smile so I thought I’d share some pictures with my new and current followers! These are fairytale themed.



Spring Fairy – Sold


Blue Fairy – Sold


Summer Fairy – Sold


‘Believe’ – Sold


‘Dream’ – Sold


Purple Fairy – Sold

A little bit of Cross Stitch

As some of you may have seen earlier in the year, I have been doing a cross stitch for a friend in my spare time. This one is very time consuming and is totally engrossing me! However I love it when I can seeing the picture coming together.


laurenxstitch2As enjoyable as cross stitching is, sometimes I need a break from a larger stitch as my focus can dissapear. When this happens I will switch to a much smaller cross stitch then go back to the bigger one with a fresh mind! Heres an example..