Another page done and dusted!

So I have completed page 3 of my WIP, there was a lot less stitching on this page though so I completed it faster! I also took some time to do some of the metallic back stitching. I used to use DMC metallics thread.. It was so stressful, springing back out, endless amounts of knots.. Then somebody mentioned Kreinik metallics. God send, it’s great! If you haven’t already tried it, you’re missing the trick trust me!

Not the best photograph I know – it is only a phone camera though! (You would never see photos if I used my camera as I can never be bothered to put them on to my computer).


I’ve also been busy craft making, I produced these 2 frames and 2 owls for a lady to give to her grandchildren, they love pink!



I have now even added some of my owls to my etsy shop.. Take a peek if you wish!

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