Cross Stitch Progress

Ok so I know its been a while since I posted.. but i’ve been super busy! Work, work, work & more work! Followed by many driving lessons.. needless to say i’m pretty worn out at the moment!


I’ve got 9 days off work now! Woohoo! So nows my time i’m catching up on everything 🙂 In between all my busyness… I’ve still managed to find an hour here and an hour there to continue with my cross stitch. My initial aim was to get it finished by November 6th so I could give it to my friend.. this doesn’t seem so likely any more.. so heres a little progress since last time I posted.

cross stitch2 Not only does she have a face… she has wings..

cross stitch1 Not only does she have wings… she holds a rose…

cross stitch3 Not only does she hold a rose… she now has part of a border around her…

cross stitch4 She also has been backstitched inside the frame. This really does bring out the cross stitch and make the design come together. I’ve just got a very large amount of leaves to stitch and more square borders then i’m done… doesn’t sound that much does it?


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