Putting my ideas in place

Now that I had my collaged scenes ready in my book. It was time to work on the characters and how they would work within the book. I originally thought that I could use velcro so that the children could stick the characters on the page where they belong. However, when I furthered my ideas, I realised I could develop this further by introducing learning features into the book too. I came up with the idea of using magnets. This would allow the child to place the character where they feel it should go; thus learning the meaning of the sentences written.

Below are the interactive stitched features for the example double-page spreads:

SAM_1715As shown above, words are also moveable so the child can learn where certain words should go within sentences. I am very pleased with the way this has turned and would love to carry on this with further books.

I now decided to work on how I would put the book together. As I wanted to create some kind of stitched cover, I would need to hand sew the book together in order to place my own cover on. Below are just some developments whilst I was securing the cover:


Front Cover


Front Cover


Front Cover


Front and Back cover sewn together

Although time consuming, I really feel that this paid off!


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