Design Development

Since my last post about the development for children’s book, a lot has changed! From hand-drawn characters, to vectored characters and to cross-stitched characters, the best option was finally chosen! I decided to choose the cross stitched characters which I had previously talked about:

david and michael

Cross-stitched characters

These would prove more durable as they cannot tear or break when handled. This would be especially important as the children would be handling them constantly.

Now I had decided on how I would like the characters to look, I decided it was time time to begin on a theme for the story itself. As Autistic children cannot deal with change in routine and new situations well, I picked a day out which would only be a ‘one-off’ and that the child would therefore not be used to; A Trip to the Zoo.

Whilst thinking about the style that this would be produced in, I wanted to continue a craft style which I had already begun with the hand embroidery. I decided to use some collages which I could play about and experiment with. After a lot of tests, I finally came up with a style I would like to work with:

collaged tree

Collaged Tree

I then used this to produce a double-page spread for the book:

collaged scene tree5

Landscape Double-Page Spread

I was extremely happy with the way my ideas turned out. However, due to my short time-scale, I knew I wouldn’t be able to produce the whole book to the best of my ability in time for submission so I worked on producing a of couple of double-page spreads which would be exactly how I wanted them to look.


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