Final Range

I’ve had a couple of busy weeks and still have a couple of ahead of me and i’ve possibly just added more work for myself. I optionally decided to join the design team for our end of year degree show. I am one of 7 members of the design team who will create/design the publicity and literature for the final show. We are working together with a team of Fine Artists and Photography students to create an exceptional end of year show. Stay tuned to see how we get on and definitely get yourselves down to the University of Chester Degree Show starting 21st June 2013 (precise dates will follow soon).

On another note, following on from the last post about the Batiste Dry Shampoo range, I have improved my designs so they all fit in with each other better. Below is the old set, followed by the new set.

tinsScreen Shot 2013-04-24 at 11.51.20

I think the improvements are obvious and the designs are now appropriate to be a part of a ‘range’ of seasons, however, opinions and feedback are always welcome.


One thought on “Final Range

  1. I think the Christmas design is a huge improvement 🙂 Looks amazing and Christmassy but not so much so that you wouldn’t want to use it at different times of the year 🙂

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