Batiste Seasons Range

Following on from previous, I continued on from the Summer design that I had created to produce all 4 seasons.


Visual of all 4 seasons.

When putting all 4 designs together, I realised I had used an orange lid for the summer design but a clear lid for the other 3. Because of this, I will tweak the designs so the lids fit in better with each other.


Bus stop advertisements

I have also created portrait advertisements for the new dry shampoo range as they would appear on a bus stop. After feedback from a tutor, they opted that it would be better if the background hadn’t been taken away so it is easier to see the advertisement in its natural environment.

Any feedback or comments is very welcomed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Batiste Seasons Range

  1. Love these amy! Only thing I’m not sure about is the christmas tree. It looks like your going through the seasons using the flowers, and I feel the christmas tree doesn’t fit in with the others. Love the designs, just not sure how they fit together. Loving all the bright colours, and the flowers themselves, I’d totally buy them! Good luck with them all.

  2. These are lovely Amy but I agree with Esther if you are using a flower theme then the Christmas tree might look better with Christmas time flowers such a the striking Poinsettia which is a beautiful reminder that it is Christmas time. Other flowers you could consider are Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe etc. Good Luck with your designs your hard work is worth the effort as it can be seen by the eye that you have worked hard.

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