Creating a Character Bank

For my research project of helping children with Autism to learn, I have decided to produce a social story book. For this I have began to produce a character bank which I could use within my stories.











Whilst developing my illustrative style, I tried out a few techniques to see which would be the most effective. Firstly, using the character David and Emma, I scanned in the hand-drawn illustration and enhanced it on Photoshop to see how would it look.


Hand-illusrated, Emma.

I then thought I could try a vectored look.


Vectored David.

Feeling that I wasn’t getting the best potential out of the illustrations, I decided to hand embroider the character too.

cross stitch

Cross-Stitched David

Although designing the pattern for the cross stitch myself is very time consuming, I feel it is really worth it for the charming outcome. However, as i’m still in the developing stage, feedback would be very much welcome! 🙂
I am going to continue to produce the patterns for the other characters so I can go onto produce the cross stitched pieces for the character bank.

Keep following to see how this project pans out and how my book is developed! 🙂


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