The New Year

So 2013 has arrived which means a lot of work, deadlines & commitment are in order! I feel motivated to keep my concentration and keep my head buried in my work; after all, I will be graduating this year! Scary..!

Upon returning back to Uni this coming Tuesday, I have to jump straight into handing in my Identity Design Project which counts for the whole module. However I am very happy with my outcomes for the module. Here are just a few things which i produced for the Chester Christian Union:


Logo for light backgrounds


Logo for dark backgrounds

identity posters 1

Set of posters using white logo and manipulated collage background

identity posters 2

Set of posters using coloured logo and light background


Flyers front and back

book layout jpeg

Book layout

This book layout above is a promotional book which can be found anywhere around the University of Chester main campus to get people more interested.

All designs keep to a 4mm grid system to keep them all flowing together. I am also very close to finishing the website concept for the Chester Christian Union so I will post pictures of that as soon as I can! I will also post pictures of the book as soon as I get that printed too, stay tuned for more to come! 🙂


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