Helping children with autism to learn.

For my double module Design Research Project, I have decided to look into improving the basic learning of children aged 5-11 who suffer from short attention spans and usually suffer from Autism or Aspergers Syndrome.

I have a great passion towards finding some sort of solution for this problem due to a number of close relationships with people who suffer from this whilst I was growing up. I would like to complete an educational book or maybe of series of books which makes learning more accessible and keeps their attention for longer.

Researching on improving learning for Autistic Children.

I am currently trying to gain some primary information so I can get a full view from all angles of the problems I am tackling. For anybody who suffers from Autism / Aspergers Syndrome or knows somebody who does, it would be much appreciated if you could give me some pointers where you feel the basic learning in schools (e.g. ABC and 123) could be improved or just simply where you feel there is/was a problem.

Keep following my blog to see the progress on this project! 🙂

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