JBS Ads – Would you do this?

After a feedback presentation to my tutor and peers yesterday, I decided that I needed to narrow down my area of study in order to create a good argument for my extended essay. I have chosen to look at how women are used to sell mens products.

A fellow peer enlightened me to a company called JBS who are a men’s underwear brand. Below are just a couple of advertisements which they have produced :

Biker Girl 

Hi-Fi Girl 

As we can see, the way that these women are used in these advertisements are in a very sexual and provocative manner. Using semiotic values, it is obvious here that the message which is being put across by JBS is that if you wore their underwear, you would be able to attract a sexy woman like in the picture. It is also a very simple uncouth way of attracting male attention to the advertisement to therefore sell the product.

There are many designers out there who would design any type of advertising campaign so long as they make money. However, not me. I would not degrade the female body in aid of selling a product; that is where my personal morals produce the better of me.


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