“Modern women not as shapely as they like to think”.

I have recently read an article in the Telegraph which states that “modern women today are not as shapely as they would like to think”. Now, just this statement alone makes my blood run cold. For the few times that a woman may actually feel good about herself, there is always someone or something ready to bring her back down to reality. This article discusses the responses of women when they were asked to compare themselves to a fruit or a vegetable. In personal opinion, I believe that a woman should not be compared to a food, another woman or to any other ridiculous false perception that the media believes she should be.

On the left I have displayed the different body shapes which exist in society. As shown, there are 6 different types that your body could relate to; but why should it? Why should you have to match a certain ‘type’ just because this way of perceiving women has existed since time began? Why shouldn’t you break away from the norm and class yourself as ‘unique’; after all, we are constantly preached at that “nobody’s bodies are the same”. Therefore why are you constantly put in the same boxes as everybody else? One reasoning for this could be because of iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe who supposedly obtained the ‘hourglass figure’. Once a woman is perceived as ‘sexy’, she is scrutinised in every way possible and her appearance is noted down so women everywhere can aspire to be like her, but why? This is an ongoing debate in society today which lurks over every single woman who has walked and are still walking this earth today.

This article is simply just a small example that women are still being examined constantly and a huge reminder that she is under watch at all times. Once again, the phrase which is becoming ever so familiar to me popped into my head; I thought that time had moved from these ‘backward’ views of women, but obviously this just leaves us with the question, “will women ever live under a stress free existence?”

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