Feminism to an Extreme.

I was shocked to discover today from a fellow student that the West Cheshire College has introduced a new course called ‘How to be a Wag’. This consists of how to apply makeup, how to use hair extensions and how to apply fake eyelashes. This course costs £100 to take part in. Now, I don’t know what may  be milling around in your head, but personally, I am quite taken aback that an educational facility is providing a view for a woman to aspire to be a footballers wife and nothing more. According to the Ellesmere Port First Newspaper, one student said ‘I have never believed I had the face, body, grace or style to carry off the WAG look, nor have I been tempted to try’. A spokeswoman for West Cheshire College said ‘They read glossy magazines, watch The Only Way is Essex and Desperate Scousewives and want to achieve that same hyper-feminine look. So my colleagues and I agreed we should run a course to help them recreate it at home’. Quite frankly, I am not sure what to think of this apart from the fact that a professional educational facility is promoting females to make themselves ‘look like WAG’s just for a man’s benefit; ludicrous.

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