Feminism in the Modern World

For my Design Discourse module we were asked to think about what we want to write about for our extended essay. From this I started to think about how females are perceived in the modern day. From all ages to the Western Culture and the Eastern Culture, women everywhere are constantly perceived as ‘perfect’ in the media. Make up brands like Rimmel London who exist in the Western part of society promote a flawless complexion. Here is an example below:


Now, we all know that no woman, no matter what part of the World you are from, is perfect. The only thing that can make us look perfect is a photographers best friend; Photoshop. However, Dove launched a natural beauty campaign in order to combat these issues of making women aspire to be something which they cannot be due to false advertising. Here is a simple and very effective way of showing this:


As beautifully shown above, a woman’s natural form is ‘wonderful’ just as it is, not with the added help of Photoshop. Some would fail to agree with this statement, some would agree. It’s all a matter of opinion but no matter which way your opinion is swayed, one thing we cannot get away from is that the cosmetic industry is portraying an unblemished, perfect and most importantly, an ideal look for a woman which cannot be achieved. Embrace natural beauty.


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4 thoughts on “Feminism in the Modern World

  1. You might want to look in to what other companies Dove own as well, to see if they have the same values as the others.
    Also, Dove have admitted in their campaigns of natural beauty, they used photoshop to edit the photos.

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