All Fake

Following on from the previous post, I have continued to look into the “Dove Natural Beauty Campaign” which promotes a completely natural, unrefined look for women.

In personal opinion, many would agree that the female form is at its best when it contains no degree of make-believe complexion. This is why the Dove campaign was embraced by many ‘normal’ members of society as well as celebrities. But when a somewhat good campaign appears to be fake, where do we turn? In accordance to the May 12, 2008 issue of The New Yorker, these photos were said to be ‘digitally manipulated’ by ‘touching up’ their bodies in order to make them look more natural. Some might say a rediculous thing to do, others might use the word ludicrous, but people like me will be left wondering ‘if perfection can only be achieved via the use of Photoshop; fake beauty, or natural beauty?’


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